Rachel Hofstetter

Entrepreneurship, Food

For years, Rachel Hofstetter (@rachelhoffy) was paid to eat and drink as a food editor at places like O, the Oprah Magazine and Reader’s Digest (dream!). But besides the copious amounts of chocolate and cheese, her favorite part of the job was talking with up-and-coming food entrepreneurs. Their stories led to “Cooking Up a Business” (Penguin, 2013), an insider guide to the world of food startups. As she wrote the book, Rachel picked up the entrepreneurial itch (it’s contagious!). She left her formal food editor career to launch guesterly, a software platform that enables anyone to create a custom playbill for life’s special events. Now she shares guesterly with the world and writes about entrepreneurship (and all the cool entrepreneurs who inspire her). And by night, she's combining her two "worlds" of editors and entrepreneurs with the brand new Savor PR School, an insider, A-Z guide to getting great PR.

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