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Why My Husband and I Insist on Keeping Our Money Separate

4130 why my husband and i insist on keeping our money separate thumb
I didn't know my fiancé had bought a $17,000 car until he sent me the link to the dealer's website. "Look!" he texted me. "Cute," I... Read Now

Stop Asking Me When I’m Going to Get Engaged

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What is it about women’s lives that seems so delicious and up for public consumption? Why does almost everyone I know think they have a... Read Now

The True Cost of Ending My Debt-Ridden Marriage

4151 the real cost of my divorce thumb
After my husband lost his job in December 2010, I didn’t question taking on the weight of supporting both of us while he went back to... Read Now

9 Myths About Marriage and Money — Debunked

4152 9 myths about marriage and money thumb
Given that financial disagreements are the No. 1 predictor of divorce, it’s no wonder some people keep money conversations completely... Read Now