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What to Do After You Save an Emergency Fund

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Once you’ve built your emergency fund, take a minute to congratulate yourself. Having a buffer of three to six months’ worth of living... Read Now

How to Budget for Raises, Income Gaps, and Other Career Changes

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Managing a budget for your average day-to-day life can be challenging by itself — no matter what plan you use. But it can be especially... Read Now

Stop Spending So Much on Food

4097 save money by ignoring these grocery shopping myths 1
True or false? Coupons always save you money. When you shop for groceries, money-saving “wisdom” you’ve heard in the past shops with you.... Read Now

Ditch Your Budget — 5 Alternatives to Managing Your Money

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Can’t seem to keep a budget? Don’t be too hard on yourself — you’re not alone. Only one in three Americans say they have a detailed... Read Now