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The Best Days To Get Discounts on Almost Anything

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Love a good deal? Sometimes finding the best ones depends not just on finding the right place to buy, but on choosing the right day to... Read Now

How Much Can You Negotiate? More Than You'd Think.

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Negotiating is a tricky, tricky game. I prefer doing it over email: I ponder my moves, come to a decision and slide the page back across... Read Now

From Bank Fees to Medical Bills – 6 Surprising Things You Can Negotiate

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Everything can be had for a price — and more often than you’d think, it’s less than what the price tag says. You probably expect to... Read Now

5 Ways to Get Free Beauty Treatments

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Every time I hear that consumer spending is on the rise, I think, “Really?” In my circle, we’re still a bit wary of shopping too much... Read Now