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Why I Spent $350 on Underwear -- and Would Do It Again

Colored bras and panties drying on clothesline web
My bra collection was in sorry, sorry shape. Unmentionable unmentionables. Underwires poking out, grubby lace abounded. The left... Read Now

Confessions of a Serial Returner

Illustration of woman holding shopping bags web
Most recently, it was a pair of turquoise jeans that didn’t feel like me. Before that, a sweater with a rough seam that escaped notice... Read Now

Why I Love My Cupboards (Almost) Bare

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You don’t have to be a Spartan to appreciate the value of owning fewer things. Read Now

Does Music Make You Spend More?

Two women shopping web
Next time you’re bopping your head to the beat at your favorite boutique or humming along to the songs at Starbucks, consider this: The... Read Now