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How Much Can You Negotiate? More Than You'd Think.

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Negotiating is a tricky, tricky game. I prefer doing it over email: I ponder my moves, come to a decision and slide the page back across... Read Now

From Bank Fees to Medical Bills – 6 Surprising Things You Can Negotiate

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Everything can be had for a price — and more often than you’d think, it’s less than what the price tag says. You probably expect to... Read Now

5 Ways to Get Free Beauty Treatments

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Every time I hear that consumer spending is on the rise, I think, “Really?” In my circle, we’re still a bit wary of shopping too much... Read Now

Why This Single Mom Chose NYC

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I just passed my 10-year mark living in New York City. Throughout an entire decade in this city, one thing was constant: Whenever I... Read Now