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Child Care—A Vital Investment

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In the seven years that my sons were in child care—a period that began when my oldest was three months old and ended when my youngest... Read Now

In Praise of Outsourcing

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My husband and I have been squabbling over outsourcing for years: laundry, housecleaning, lawn care. For him, it’s about money. For me,... Read Now

It's Not a Purse, It's an Investment

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What’s the ROI on that bag you’re about to buy? Most women think of the dividends their handbag might yield in terms of looks and style.... Read Now

Yes, It's OK to Charge Your Kid Rent

College grad throwing cap web
So your kid is armed with a shiny new college degree. Next step: moving back home?   “Boomerang kids” are a growing (and not necessarily... Read Now