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What You Get for Your Money in 10 U.S. Cities

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The median household income in the United States is about $53,657. Whether you consider this a lot or a little to live on often depends... Read Now

I Am So Tired of Crowdfunding

4186 i don t want to keep crowdfunding people thumb
I’m fully prepared for what you might be about to call me: selfish, unkind, a bad person. I’m ready for backlash in the comments section... Read Now

Screw Gratitude — It's Getting In the Way of Your Career

3466 how your money story is holding you back thumb
When you’re offered a new job, promotion, or raise, what’s your response? Is it: “Thanks, I’m so appreciative for the chance to work with... Read Now

What Really Happens When the Woman Is the Breadwinner

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In heterosexual relationships, there can be a stigma around a woman earning more than a man — but it’s becoming increasingly common. And... Read Now