Suzanne Biegel

Invest in Women’s Human Rights

Learn how to invest and spend your money where your convictions are.

Why It’s Cool to Invest in Girls

Learn what it really means to invest in girls, including why it matters and what’s coming.

The Next Step in Your Impact Angel Investment: Screening Potential Companies

Now that you are ready to make your angel investment with positive social or environmental impacts, here’s how to make sure you invest in the right company for you

5 Ways to Source Impact Investments

So you’ve decided to do some impact investing. One of the things you need to be able to do is search out the right opportunities for you. 1. Find companies with rewards-based funding Visit Indiegogo, Kickstarter, Plum Alley and any number of the...

Invest in Your Community for as Little as $20

People often focus on investing in emerging markets when they talk about impact investing. Yes, access to clean water, healthcare, nutrition, access to lighting are absolutely essential in emerging economies. But what about the challenges faced...

Investing in the World We Want

Think of a brand you really love. What makes you love it? Now think about how they depict women in their marketing? How are they making their product? Who’s running that company? How do they treat their people? Is this something that’s really...