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Seq update...Snack scandal & more

Government cuts web
Why is it called a sequester? Putting aside the name issue (fiscal cliff, sequester, what next?), the big S boils down to about $85... Read Now

Living wage…Watchdog for Wall St. … & more

State of the union 2013 web
Cost of living. In his State of the Union address this week, Obama vowed to raise the minimum wage to $9 an hour, from $7.25 by 2015—and... Read Now

Apple fight...Grammy coverup...& more

Dow jones web
Floor of the New York Stock Exchange. Mood swings. The Dow dropped more than 100 points in intraday trading, for the fourth day in this... Read Now

$61 billion due...Wal-Mart hearts America & more

Content cnn debt ceiling infographic 320x212
Fun FAQ. Sick of hearing about the debt ceiling? Squeeze in just one more read. This fact-filled article breaks down what’s really at... Read Now