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Getting a Good Night’s Sleep Is More Important Than You Think

4290 sleep absolutely needs to be a priority thumb
My sleep evangelism started with my own painful wake-up call. On the morning of April 6, 2007, I was lying on the floor of my home office... Read Now

Unconventional Ways to Lower Stress

4259 unusual ways to reduce stress thumb
We all need to ease the stress that comes with work obligations, managing money, caring for others, and just navigating life’s ups and... Read Now

Crowdfunding Helped Me Escape My Abusive Husband

4249 i crowdfunded my divorce thumb
[Editor's Note: The following piece contains descriptions of graphic violence.] The language of leaving an abusive relationship rarely... Read Now

The Best Thing I Did for My Marriage — and Sex Life

4219 how budgeting improved my relationship thumb
The first time my now-husband, then-boyfriend ever tried to talk to me about our finances, I reacted the way any mature adult would — I... Read Now