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What Is Sexual Harassment, and Why Is It So Hard to Report?

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Sexual harassment isn’t uncommon — it is in fact endemic, especially in male-dominated fields like tech. (If you don’t believe how common... Read Now

10 Fast Facts on the Real Joy Mangano

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Inventor and cult Home Shopping Network icon Joy Mangano is having a good year: Her line of home cleaning and organizational products... Read Now

Sexual Harassment Is a Huge Problem — So Why Aren’t We Doing Anything About It?

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Earlier this week, my boss sent me a link that made me pause: “You Won't Believe How Many Women in Tech Say They've Faced Sexual... Read Now

15 Issues We Want to Leave in 2015

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Let’s just say it: 2015 was a rough year plagued by one awful news cycle after another. But the best part of the new year is getting to... Read Now