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Everything You Forgot to Put in Your Budget

4189 everything you forgot to put in your budget thumb
Now that you budget, you’re in control of your finances and understand where every dollar is going, right? Not necessarily. Maybe you... Read Now

What to Do After You Save an Emergency Fund

4173 what should i save for after my emergency fund thumb
Once you’ve built your emergency fund, take a minute to congratulate yourself. Having a buffer of three to six months’ worth of living... Read Now

How to Budget for Raises, Income Gaps, and Other Career Changes

4113 how to budget for a career change 1
Managing a budget for your average day-to-day life can be challenging by itself — no matter what plan you use. But it can be especially... Read Now

Stop Spending So Much on Food

4097 save money by ignoring these grocery shopping myths 1
True or false? Coupons always save you money. When you shop for groceries, money-saving “wisdom” you’ve heard in the past shops with you.... Read Now