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The Quiet Misogyny We’re Not Talking About

4309 stop judging women for not having kids thumb
After relocating to a new city, I was invited to join a local women’s book club. A group of twenty- and thirtysomething women clustered... Read Now

Stop Assuming I’m Lazy — I Have a Chronic Illness

4298 working with a chronic illness thumb
I own a teacup that has the words every day I'm hustlin' scrawled around the rim. Filled with bow-shaped paper clips and other ephemera,... Read Now

9 Famous Women Speak Out Against Motherhood Pressures

4273 celebrities speak out on motherhood thumb
Women face an undue amount of pressure and judgment when it comes to motherhood — the choice of whether to have kids, when and how to... Read Now

Unconventional Ways to Lower Stress

4259 unusual ways to reduce stress thumb
We all need to ease the stress that comes with work obligations, managing money, caring for others, and just navigating life’s ups and... Read Now