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You might think it would be easier to deal wth money if you were a robot. But you’re not — you’re a rich combination of traits that make you… you.

When it comes to money, sometimes it might seem easier to handle if you were a robot! But you’re not, you’re a rich combination of traits that make you you. If you’ve tried to follow financial advice in the past and not ended up with anymore clarity or control in the past, it’s probably because that advice was constructed with robots in mind.

Since I was a kid, I’ve always wanted to be good with money. My single mom insisted it. To me mastering money meant the ultimate freedom: plenty of savings and smart investments, and control over my own destiny.

But all of the books I read and advice I followed didn’t do anything to help me. 10 years ago, before launching DailyWorth, every dollar I earned got eaten by bills, whims, and taxes. I’ve fixed that now for myself and thousands of others because I have some critical insights that you won’t hear anywhere else.

These insights come from MoneyType, a psychology system I developed to help you understand your unique GIFTS and SABOTAGE patterns when it comes to money.

I taught a Workshop on MoneyType last October and a woman came up to me crying afterward, saying

“This is the first time in 50 years money made sense to me!”

I love nothing more than witnessing women go from confusion to blissful awakening around money. OH! Now I get it! I don’t have to become someone different than I am. I need to focus on my gifts while protecting myself from my bad habits. They’re connected.

When you understand your MoneyType, you’ll have this incredible sense of

  • Relief
  • Power
  • Excitement about saving
  • Avoidance of potential damage

It’s the relief and insights I was desperately searching for for 15 years and finally figured out as a result of my deep study of the traditional mold of financial advice, where it comes from, and why it simply DOESN’T WORK for most people.

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